Oil and Gas

Sego is a major supplier in assisting the Oil and Gas sector with a wide range of products, from our stocked Grundfos CRN products which are ideal for boosting triplex systems (as well as many other applications), to our water transfer pumps for camp services. We consider our pumps to be a hidden aspect of our business that few take full advantage of. We can also provide ANSI pumps, turbine pumps, or sewage and slurry pumps to meet a multitude of needs.

We also work closely with dewatering applications and remediation in the oil field and mining industries.

Key products sold: Vertical multistage booster pumps (stocked with Viton seals), complete package solutions, booster systems, ANSI pumps, transfer pumps, camp service pumps and water treatment for drinking purposes, dewatering and submersible pumps, and liquid level control packages as well.

Full warranty and service depot for all products sold!